Continuous Versus Intermittent Furosemide Dosing Regimen in the Treatment of Acute Decompensated Heart Failure


  • Hira Ahmad Cardiologist at Health Department Gilgit
  • Samiullah Khan Department of Cardiology, Bannu Medical College/DHQT, Bannu, KP Pakistan
  • Saadullah Shah Department of Cardiology, Bannu Medical College/DHQ-TH Bannu, KP Pakistan
  • Sunehra Iqbal District Health office, Bannu, KP Pakistan
  • Muhammad Niaz Department of Cardiology, Hayatabad Medical Complex, Peshawar, KP Pakistan
  • Naveed Danish Department of Cardiology, DHQ Hospital, Nowshera KP pakistan.


Heart Failure, Acute decompensate heart failure, Diuretic therapy for ADHF


Objective: To compare continuous versus intermittent (bolus) infusion of furosemide in patients with acute decompensate heart failure (ADHF) in terms of length of hospital stay, urine output per day and change in serum creatinine levels.

Duration: Six months (01-09-2021 to 28-02- 2022)

Setting: Cardiology department District Head Quarter Teaching Hospital (DHQ-TH) Bannu.

Subjects and Methods:  Eighty two (n=82) adult patients of either gender, between age 50years to 70 years were enrolled and equally divided into Group A (continuous Furosemide infusion) and group B (intermittent Furosemide dosing).  Outcome of the therapy were duration of hospital stay, changes in serum creatinine and daily urine output.

Results: Mean length of hospital stay was significantly shorter (5.8±2.4 days versus 6.9±2.3, p=0.04), urine output per 24 hours was higher (2796.3 ml ± 365.9 SD and 2720.7 ml ± 647.6 SD, p=0.517) and mean change (rise) in serum creatinine was significantly higher (0.41 mg/dL ± 0.26 SD and 0.27 mg/dL ± 0.32 SD respectively, p=0.027) in continuous infusion group when compared with intermittent dosing group. 

Conclusions: Treatment with continuous infusion of furosemide resulted in higher urine output per 24 hours, a higher rise in mean serum creatinine and a shorter duration of hospital stay as compared to treatment with intermittent dosing regimen.






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