Reverse Posterior Interosseous Artery Flap for Hand Defects


  • Asad Ullah Jan Assistant Professor Orthopedics, Bannu Medical College Bannu
  • Sajjad Khan Assistant Professor Orthopedic, Bannu Medical college, Bannu
  • Abdullah khan Consultant orthopedic, DHQ, Bannu
  • Jahandad Anwar Consultant Orthopedic, DHQ, THQ Takht Nasrati, Karak
  • Sidra tulmunataha Consultant Gynecologist, Al Khidamt Hospital, Bannu


Soft tissue defect of hand, Reverse Posterior interosseous artery flap, septocutaneous flap



Background: Soft tissue defects in hand needs an early reconstructive procedure that is single stage and well vascularized for best functional outcomes. Usually flap coverage is required for joints, exposed bones and long tendons. When local flaps are inadequate for the required defects, regional flaps are used.

Objective: The study was designed to evaluate the outcome of reverse posterior interosseous artery flap for hand soft tissue defects.

Material and Methods: This is a retrospective chart review of patients from 2013 to 2019 at National Orthopedic Hospital at Bahawalpur and was compiled at DHQTH, Bannu in 2023. During this time, 45 cases of posterior interosseous artery flap meeting the inclusion criteria were included in this study.

Results: In 34 cases the defect was due to crush, in 6 blast injury and in 5 thermal injury. Male to female ratio was 9:1. The defect was mostly on dorsum of hand and first web space. In all the cases, split thickness skin graft was used to cover the donor site. Three (7 %) patients had superficial flap necrosis at the distal most part, for which debridement and skin grafting was done.

Conclusion: Reverse posterior interosseous artery flap is an excellent source of skin coverage of dorsal hand and 1st web space.




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