Axial Length Changes in Myopic Population in North West Pakistani Population


  • Danish Zafar Zafar Ophthalmology Unit, Ayub Medical College, Abbotabad
  • Zauha Ophthalmology Unit, Ayub Medical College, Abbotabad
  • Zubair Ullah Khan Ophthalmology Unit, Women Medical College, Abbotabad
  • Mohammad Idris Ophthalmology Unit, Lady Reading Hospital, Peshawar
  • Zulfiquar Ali Ali Ophthalmology Unit, Ayub Medical College, Abbotabad


AL (axial length) AR (autoref reading), Myopia, Pakistani population


Objective: to determine Axial length changes in myopic population in North West Pakistani population

Materials and Methods: One hundred patients examined through informed consent attended the eye outpatient department DHQ Abbotabad ranging in age from 10-40 years. SPSS v 23 was used to calculate the results.

Results: One hundred patients were examined through informed consent 49 were male, and 51 were female. The right eye's mean spherical error was -7.29 D, and the left eye's mean spherical error was -7.27 D. Mean axial length of the right eye was 25.50 mm, and the main axial length of the left eye was 25.62 mm. A negative correlation was found between AR reading and axial length in both the right and left eyes.

Conclusion: The results of our investigation show that axial length and refractive error are directly correlated, suggesting that more significant axial length modifications may need to be carefully considered when considering refractive procedures.






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