Comparison of Various Factors Related to Severity of Ischemic Stroke in Patients with and Without Good Glycemic Control


  • Dr.Faiqa latif Resident , Department of Medicine ,PAF Hospital Islamabad
  • Dr.Asif Niaz Medical Specialists, PAF Hospital Islamabad
  • Dr. Afsheen Ishfaq Assistant Professor Departments of Medicine, PAF Hospital Faisal, Karachi
  • Dr.Saera Sohail Professors, Department Of Medicine, Fazaia Ruth PAF Medical College, Karachi
  • Dr.Muhammad Tahir Medical Specialists, PAF Hospital, Islamabad
  • Aamir Hussain Assistant professor Medical Specialist, Department of Medicine, Fazaia Ruth PAF Medical College, Karachi


Glycemic control, Ischemic stroke, Mortality, Size, Severity



Background: Stroke medicine is an evolving speciality under the umbrella of neurology. It not only covers the neuropathological impact of stroke but provide holistic care to these patients for early recovery with minimum disability.

Objective: To compare various factors related to severity of ischemic stroke in patients with and without good glycemic control managed at our Neurology/Medicine Department 

Material and Methods: In this comparative cross-sectional study, carried out at the Department of Neurology/Medicine, Pak Emirates Military Hospital Rawalpindi. From September 2022 to December 2022. Out of 100 patients of acute ischemic stroke suffering from diabetes mellitus was included. Patients of ischemic stroke with confirmed diagnosis on neuroimaging were recruited. Severity of stroke by NHSS classification and size of infarct on CT scan was assessed for all the study participants. Glycosylated hemoglobin was performed on all patients and patients were classed as having glycemic control or not. On the basis of this investigation, stroke severity parameters were compared in groups with and without glycemic control.

Results:  In the study. Male were 66 (66%) , while 34 (34%) were female. Mean age of patients of stroke recruited in analysis was 56.31 ±8.18 years. Out of total, 44 (44%) patients had glycemic control while 56 (76.25%) had no glycemic control. Statistical analysis revealed that when comparison was made among two groups, more stroke severity and infarct size of more than 50 ml were seen statistically significantly more in patients who did not have glycemic control (p-value<0.001).

Conclusion: Poor or no glycemic control was seen in almost half of the patients who presented with ischemic stroke. More stroke severity and large size of infarct were seen in patients without glycemic control in our study participants. 




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latif, D. ., Niaz , D. ., Ishfaq , D. A. ., Sohail, D., Tahir, D. ., & Hussain , A. . (2024). Comparison of Various Factors Related to Severity of Ischemic Stroke in Patients with and Without Good Glycemic Control . BMC Journal of Medical Sciences, 5(1), 27–30. Retrieved from



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